Technology Kits

International Award Winning:

Engino Master Set: Technology & Design

This is the ultimate educational set as it comprises of all the different classroom sets covering a wide range of subjects such as Simple machines (levers, linkages, wheels & axles, inclined planes & wedges, pulleys, cams & cranks, screws & worm drives), Structures, Forces, Energy and Motion and Renewable Energy. With this set students get a chance to experiment with all the different subjects of science and technology and engage in advanced problem solving activities. Students can build more than 90 models from this set. It comes in a plastic box for secure storage and easy handling by students. It contains the dual output motor, the wired RC handset, two solar panels and 495 components with more near 2000 connecting points! Instructions in electronic format (DVD) are included for all models, while a great selection of them is also presented in printed booklets.

  • Models to build: 90
  • Dimensions: 31 x 43 x 15 cm
  • Appropriate for ages: 9+
  • Weight: 3 500 g
  • Building Instructions: DVD
  • Parts: 490
  • Children per Set: 2 – 4
  • Connecting Points: 2 030

It comes in a plastic box for secure storage and easy handling by students.

Master Set: Technology DVD

This interactive activity software is designed for the Design and Technology Master set. It includes 40 experiments and other problem solving activities which are printable. For each experiment and activity there are 3D interactive animations allowing the students to see how models move. The DVD also presents all background theory on the subjects of Structures, Simple machines, Newton’s Laws of motion, Renewable Energy and Kinetic and Potential Energy. It includes many graphics, images and animations and 11 printable quizzes so that teachers can evaluate what their students have learned.

  • Activities: 40
  • Models to Build: 90
  • Appropriate for ages: 9+
  • License: 6 PC’s

Build a Suspension Bridge.

This fascinating model of suspension bridge will introduce you to a special type of bridges, the cable bridges! Learn by experimenting how the tension of the cables supports the deck of the bridge.

• The different types of cable bridges.
• The advantages of a suspension bridge.

Build a Truss Bridge.

Build two amazing models of a truss bridge, one with the truss over the deck and one with the truss under the deck! Learn how triangulation offers great stability and rigidity to a structure. Discover the different types of simple bridges.

• The different types of truss bridges.
• How triangulation strengthens a structure.

Build an Arch Bridge.

Building an amazing model of an arch bridge and learn the properties of the arch! See how this bridge can be made stable and can support a lot of weight by transferring it to the abutments.

• How weight is redistributed.
• The different elements of an arch bridge.

Build a Cable-Stayed Bridge.

This exciting model of a cable-stayed bridge is another type of cable bridge. One famous example of this bridge is the Rio-Antirion bridge in Greece, the world’s longest multi-span cable cable-stayed bridge. Discover the two types of cable-stayed bridges.

• How long spans can be supported effectively.
• How tension gives stability to the bridge.

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