Properties of the Mylab kits

This kit is tailor-made for the hands-on teaching of chemistry and natural science at school level in South Africa, but can be adopted in any country.

The Mylab Chemistry and Natural Science kits are purpose built small scale apparatus to aid teachers and learners to enjoy these subjects through the hands-on use of the kits and by doing the experiments themselves. Included in the kits are training manuals and worksheets for Teachers and Learners, which cover the whole syllabus or curriculum of Natural Science for Grade 4 to 9 or all your junior and high school material, as well as Chemistry for Grade 10 to 12 or all your high school material. The training manuals and DVD’s show every natural science and chemistry experiment in great detail, and it is designed with teachers and learners in mind for both to benefit. The teacher manuals and the training DVD’s help the teachers to prepare for every class and experiment and this in turn equips and gives them the confidence to present the class.

Properties of the small scale chemistry kit are:

  • The kit is a true to life small scale laboratory (test tubes, spatula, deflagrating spoon, etc.) All reactions, colour changes and products are clearly visible. The apparatus can easily be heated and cooled. If a learner enters University, Technicon or College after doing chemistry with the Mylab Small Scale Chemistry kit, he/she will not be lost, but will be able to handle the laboratory apparatus with confidence.
  • All experiments are done with small amounts of chemicals – cutting costs, pollution and the danger of explosions.
  • Preparation of solutions by the teacher is limited to the minimum – match-head quantities of solids are dissolved to generate solutions of workable concentrations.
  • The kit can be used in an ordinary classroom, no laboratory is needed. No utility electricity or running water is needed for the experiments. Very little storage space is needed – quite a number of sets can easily be stored in a classroom.
  • The kit is constructed of durable materials- with a long life expectancy (stainless steel and poli-ethylene).

Mylab kit content lists:  Grade 4 to 7 , Grade 8 to 9 and Grade 10 to 12.

Worksheets accompanying the Mylab Chemistry & Natural Science kits:

The policy that governs the development of the worksheets is to develop hands-on, minds-on practical experimentation. Some of the worksheet properties are:

  • Enhancement of skills, e.g. observation, manipulating, measuring, recording, interference and investigation.
  • Library assignments.
  • Group discussions and problem solving.
  • Assessment material to assist the educator.
  • The worksheets are supported by videos. The learner can use the worksheets with the video clips while executing the experiments or the teacher can use the video for preparation of the learners before executing the experiment by using the school computer room facilities.

The next few images are examples of how the training DVD’s are setup:

Advantages of the Mylab Chemistry & Natural Science Apparatus:

ducational advantage:
•    It will enhance the attitude of both teachers and learners towards Chemistry and Natural Science as a subject and establish a positive climate of learning.

•    This kit will give access to laboratory opportunities, resources, knowledge acquisition and conceptual development. It will redress imbalances, contribute towards socio-economic development.

•    A help line at the North-West University is available to support facilitators and learners.

Financial benefits:
•    The Mylab Chemistry & Natural Science kit is ideally used for two learners per apparatus kit.

•    Durable materials and inexpensive consumable parts, such as small test tubes, etc. give the kit a life expectancy of at least five years. Chemicals are expected to last for four years.

•    The kit is a cost-effective alternative to a full-scale science laboratory.


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