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SABC EDUCATION AFRICAN EDUWEEK – Basic Education Supplier of the Year 2016 award to One On One Community Based Programmes in association with Mylab.

One On One Community Based Programmes in association with Mylab also won the 2015 award.

Hi there, seeing that you are reading this webpage, you are most probably looking for Natural Science kits, Chemistry kits or Geography kits that can actually offer you real science and chemistry equipment and real step by step solutions? You have most probably been to stationery shops, toy shops and the internet and found hundreds of products, but many of them are just toy sets.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why is Science Education Important for Kids?”

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In today’s global economy, a workforce trained in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) is recognised as a primary driver of growth, and many countries need these vital skills and this is a growing global problem. This demand for sustainable growth flows down the educational food chain and eventually rests on the heads of learners, students, teachers and parents. As the World grows the pressure to succeed intensifies and people are asking where can we get real solutions to help our children / learners to value, succeed and excel in Natural Science and Chemistry Education?

Here are a few clues to look for to see whether your school values science and chemistry:

1. Do you see science learning centers?
2. Do you see displays related to science?
3. Do you see science-related drawings on the bulletin boards?
4. Do you see plants, terrariums, aquariums or collections (of rocks or insects, for example) in the classrooms?
5. Do you see any science equipment and apparatus in classrooms, like magnifiers, magnets, pictures, videos and is the equipment up-to-date with the current curriculum?
6. Is there enough space in the classrooms or elsewhere in the school for learners / students to conduct science experiments?

According to a researcher at the Institute of Race Relations, in 2012/13 he found that 20 228 from almost 24 000 public schools DO NOT have any form of a science laboratory in South Africa, but this problem is found in every developing nation around the World. Ask any parent and teacher; all that they want to do is to be able to give their children / learners the best applicable education that’s available, so that their children / learners have an upper hand in the future, but how do you do this when it comes to Natural Science and Chemistry Education? The answer really simple teachers need full time access to proven solutions, teaching techniques and strategies and laboratory equipment, and this is applicable to all forms of education: Home Schooling, Junior and High School and FET College!

Schools, Teachers and Parentstoday need to be able to get quality and lasting results from the equipment and resources that they invest in, and at the end of the day the equipment and material that they buy must make life easier to teach and learn science and chemistry for all You are most probably seeing a full scale school laboratory in your mind’s eye as the solution and you are asking yourself where is the money going to come from? This is a common perception but that was the first issue we addressed when we started.

We have drawn on our teams experience since the late 1980’s at the North West University Potchefstroom Campus, and ingeniously designed an affordable and complete mobile laboratory solution that fits in plastic tool boxs and addresses ALL the needs of Learners, Students and Teachers at once! The primary focus is on DOING Science, Chemistry and Geography in any classroom or even under a tree, thereby making the learning of Science, Chemistry and Geography fun, easy and exciting all the time!

We have developed and put together detailed step by step Science and Chemistry Learner and Teacher manuals and DVD’s that accurately shows how every experiment needs to be prepared for, executed and demonstrated, and what should be learnt from and through each of the 161 experiments in the grade 4 to 12 kits. The manuals and DVD’s are given away for FREE to our clients, and these complete and detailed teaching aids save teachers many hours of unnecessary frustration in preparing for classroom practical’s, and shows them step by step how to prepare for and to DO each experiment in class and are worth thousands if sold separately!

What sets Mylab far above all of our competitors is that Mylab has a dedicated workshop program that trains and develops Teachers so that they are skilled and confident to DO Science in the classroom.

We here at Mylab strive to offer the best and most complete Natural Science and Chemistry kits, solutions, strategies and laboratory equipment to our clients, and have been leading the South African market since 1999! The kits include and cover: Matter and Material (Chemistry), Energy and Change (Physics), Life Sciences (Biology), Earth and Beyond (Geography).

Sample video of Mylab kits and SCIENCE in ACTION..

They say “rather late than never”, which is very much the case with this thank you!  I wanted to thank you last year already for the amazing training and support for Mylab.  I thoroughly enjoyed the training and I’m not sure who is more excited about using the kit this year – the kids or I!!So thank you for an amazing product and wonderful training!”

Charissa Davis

Thank you sincerely for bringing Science back to life for these special folk. The workshop feedback has been great!… Looking forward to a great partnership.”

Mr. Desmond Zeelie
Foundation for School Leadership and Management
Mylab Science Workshop for Diepsloot Teachers

“In assessing the workshop, one can only describe it by using superlatives such as “interesting”, “incredible”, “astonishing” and “amazing”. Importantly, the workshop was so engrossing (interesting, gripping) that it really did justice to the age-old cliché of “bringing science to life”. It really opened our (teacher’s) eyes of how we could meaningfully engage our learners and also cultivate a lasting love for Physical Science in our learners…”

Mr. MWP Leeuw
Boshof High School

Our mission is to establish a unique Global Community and Network of dedicated individuals that have a passion for natural science and chemistry, to work together through the Mylab™ platform to solve global challenges at a local level through improving the quality of natural science and chemistry education.”

Mr. Sydney Kloppers
Founder – 1 000 000 IMPACTING 200 000 000

Mylab has joined forces with One on One Community Based Programmes. Most companies have a Corporate Social Investment fund, where companies give back and invest in their local communities. Through One on One Community Based Programmes, a Non Profit Organization (NPO) and Public Benefit Organization (PBO) Level 4 BBBEE, we are able to manage and offer transparent measurable feedback and outcomes for all contributions and donations made, and in South Africa they are able to issue supporting companies a Section 18a Certificate for BEE points. Contact them for any CSI projects and more information.

North West University’s Institutional Research Prestige Award,was given to Prof. Corrie du Toit and Marié Du Toit for Mylab Science Kits and Chemistry Kits

The video “Chemistry : All About You” has been made in the context of the 2011 International Year of Chemistry to raise the global awareness of the many contributions chemistry has made to people’s daily lives. It has been produced and distributed jointly by EPCA, UNESCO and IUPAC. The film shows that when it comes to daily life, chemistry has reached a long way. We are surrounded by facilities that consist of materials which derive from chemical processes.

The video “Science: Where Can It Take You? – EPCA“: Studying or teaching science, technology, engineering or maths? Want to know what career options lie ahead for you or your students? Find out how to build a fascinating and rewarding career in the chemical industry.