How to order Mylab Chemistry & Natural Science kits?

If 10 Mylab kits are used efficiently at a school, then the potential exists that up to 400 learners can have access to and use the Mylab Chemistry & Natural Science kits weekly, this should give children up to 30 hours of hands-on experience during the average school term. This is far above current national averages.

To order School Mylab Chemistry & Natural Science kits, select either the South African Rand (ZAR) or United States Dollar (USD) online order form from the option below and select the products that your school needs and the number of, complete the school contact details and submit the online form. We will process your order and send your school a Tax Invoice for payment, and once payment has been received, the Mylab kits will be couriered to your school.

Click here to download the latest Mylab ZAR Price List or the USD Price List.