Chemistry & Science Kits Quick Facts

Quick Facts About Mylab®

  • The Mylab® kits provide a unique way to do the practical work in Chemistry and Natural Science at School from grade 4 to 12 and at FET Colleges Level 2 to 4 and gives the teachers and learners the ability to do hands-on-science experiments.
  • Natural Science includes: Matter and Material (Chemistry), Energy and Change (Physics), Life Sciences (Biology), Earth and Beyond (Geography).
  • Teacher and Learner Manuals for grade 4 to 12, English version, are CAPS 2012 ready. All other grades are in process.
  • The kit is a true-to-life small-scale laboratory (test tubes, spatula, deflagrating spoon, etc.). All reactions, colour changes and products are clearly visible. The apparatus can easily be heated and cooled. Cleaning of the apparatus is also not a hassle as step by step instructions are given in the manuals.
  • All experiments are done with with small amounts of chemicals – cutting costs, pollution and the danger of explosions.
  • Preparation of solutions by the Teacher is limited to the minimum; match-head quantities of solids are dissolved to generate solutions of workable concentrations.
  • The kits can be used in an ordinary classroom; hence, no laboratory is needed. No electricity or running water is needed for the experiments. Very little storage space is needed – quite a number of kits can easily be stored in a classroom as the kits are stackable.
  • The kits are constructed of durable materials – with a long life expectancy (stainless steel and polyethylene).
  • Everything is replaceable. Chemicals can last up to three (3) years if used correctly.
  • Teacher manuals, Learner manuals and experiment DVD’s are included. With the workload that Teachers are burdened with, these excellent teaching aids will help Teachers to prepare for and to present the classes more easily.
  • Teacher Training Workshops, presented by the NWU – Potchefstroom Campus, provides hands-on Teacher training to equip Teachers with the much needed skills to get the best results out of the Mylab® Kits with their Learners, and this builds greater confidence in the teachers to DO the prescribed experiments in their classes.
  • Mylab® Kits are packed to order and delivery is between 8 and 10 weeks once full payment is received.
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