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Empowering Teachers, Parents, and Learners to do hands-on Chemistry & Science Experiments in every School & College anywhere, even under a tree!

Comprehensive Lesson Plans | High-Quality Equipment

Exam-Focused Content | Teacher Development | Engaging Experiments

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Are You Suffering because of Chemistry and Science Experiments that You Need to Do?

• Limited or No Equipment• Out Dated Lesson Plans• Exam Stress
• Not Enough Time• Poor Engagement• Need More Training

If so, our Mylab Solutions and Kits will help you bring Life and Fun back to Chemistry and Science.

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Key Benefits

Comprehensive Lesson Plans

Our kits include detailed lesson plans that cover a range of chemistry and science experiments, helping teachers to prepare engaging lessons in a fraction of the time with confidence.

High-Quality Equipment

We provide top-notch small-scale, and portable laboratory equipment and materials, ensuring learners have access to the tools they need for hands-on experiments in class, or even outside under a tree.

Exam-Focused Content

Our kits are designed to align with the CAPS syllabuses, helping learners to improve their understanding and performance for exams. The kits can also be used for homeschooling, Cambridge syllabuses, and many others.

Teacher Development

We offer an exciting teacher introduction and development one-day course, providing guidance and resources to enhance their teaching experience and effectiveness, and confidence to do science experiments in class.

Engaging Experiments

Our kits include more than 50 exciting experiments that make learning science fun and interactive for learners of all ages.

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Main Features

  • Pre-prepared lessons
  • Experiment preparation, execution, and clean-up guide
  • Complete set of Teacher manuals
  • Complete set of Learner manuals
  • Set of DVDs showing how to present every experiment
  • All apparatus and chemicals for experiments
  • More than 50 fun and exciting science and chemistry experiments

What do others have to say

They say “rather late than never”, which is very much the case with this thank you!  I wanted to thank you last year already for the amazing training and support for Mylab.  I thoroughly enjoyed the training and I’m not sure who is more excited about using the kit this year – the kids or I!!So thank you for an amazing product and wonderful training!

Charissa Davis

Thank you sincerely for bringing Science back to life for these special folk. The workshop feedback has been great!… Looking forward to a great partnership.”

Mr. Desmond Zeelie

“In assessing the workshop, one can only describe it by using superlatives such as “interesting”, “incredible”, “astonishing” and “amazing”. Importantly, the workshop was so engrossing (interesting, gripping) that it really did justice to the age-old cliché of “bringing science to life”. It really opened our (teacher’s) eyes of how we could meaningfully engage our learners and also cultivate a lasting love for Physical Science in our learners…”

Mr. MWP Leeuw
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the kits suitable for all grade levels?

Yes, our kits are designed to cater to different grade levels, we have four complete CAPS-aligned kits that are available:

  • Grades 4 to 7 – Patent No. 99/4175
  • Grades 8 to 9 – Patent No. 99/4175
  • Grades 10 to 12 or FET Levels 2 to 4 – Patent No. 99/4175
  • Grades 4 to 12 – Patent No. 99/4175

How many kits are needed?

Although one kit per learner per lesson would be ideal, the following kit-to-learner ratios are advised as a maximum. However, starting with only a kit for the teacher is preferable than nothing at all, and gradually expanding the number of kits would be beneficial to schools.

  • Grade 4 to 7 – 1 kit for 4 learners
  • Grade 8 to 9 – 1 kit for 4 learners
  • Chemistry Grade 10-12 and FET – 1 kit for 2 learners/students
  • Typically 10 kits could be used between 400 learners for Grades 4 to 9, and 200 learners/students for Grades 10-12 and FET, but this will require a good weekly planning roster.

Do the kits come with safety instructions?

Absolutely! Each kit includes detailed safety instructions to ensure a safe learning environment.

Can the kits be customized based on specific curriculum requirements?

No, our kits are not customizable because they are complete patented solutions designed to meet most if not more than what your school’s specific curriculum requires.

Are the kits suitable for homeschooling?

Certainly! Our kits are suitable for both traditional schools and homeschooling and remote schooling environments.

Is there a discount for bulk orders?

Yes, we provide discounts for bulk orders. Please contact our sales team for more information, as detailed planning is required.

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North West University’s Institutional Research Prestige Award, was given to Prof. Corrie du Toit and Marié Du Toit for Mylab Science Kits and Chemistry Kits.
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The video “Chemistry : All About You” has been made in the context of the 2011 International Year of Chemistry to raise global awareness of the many contributions chemistry has made to people’s daily lives. It has been produced and distributed jointly by EPCA, UNESCO, and IUPAC. The film shows that when it comes to daily life, chemistry has reached a long way. We are surrounded by facilities that consist of materials that derive from chemical processes.
The video “Science: Where Can It Take You? – EPCA“: Studying or teaching science, technology, engineering or maths? Want to know what career options lie ahead for you or your students? Find out how to build a fascinating and rewarding career in the chemical industry.
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